Vinea Church is a new gathered community in the neighborhood of East Durham. We seek to practice the ways of Jesus and grow in love in all aspects of life for the flourishing of our neighborhood, city, and world

We are Gospel centric, rooted in the scriptures, Christian beliefs and tradition

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Andre Franklin

Pastor //

Vinea Church is led by Andre Franklin. The Franklin’s are native Texans that moved to the East Durham community over a year ago. Andre loves to spend time with his family, travel , read, make specialty coffee, and try new foods.

The Christian community demonstrates the effectiveness of the gospel. We are the living proof that the gospel is not an empty word but a powerful word that takes men and women who are lovers of self and transforms them by grace through the spirit into people who love God and others. We are the living proof that the death of Jesus was not just a vain expression of God’s love but an effective death that achieved the salvation of a people who now love one another sincerely from a pure heart.”
— Chester & Timmis, Everyday Church